Root Zone Temperature Control

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ROOT ZONE TEMPERATURE CONTROL:                                      

It's not just for propagation!

Heat...Cool...Grow Better!™

Greenhouse research shows that by controlling the temperature of the root zone, either by root zone heating, root zone cooling or a combination of both, Growers can increase productivity by improving plant growth. An industry study described how as little as a 1% increase in productivity increases Grower's profits by 24.6%.

FREE AST™ Demonstration System (It is yours to KEEP), available to qualified Growers and to Researchers world-wide. Ask about it!

AST™ ACTIVE SOLAR THERMAL CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT AGRICULTURE is the revolutionary process of controlling root zone temperature for growth, crop timing and stem elongation by providing first stage heating and first stage cooling of the root zone by DIRECT THERMAL CONDUCTION (DTC). Works alone or in conjunction with your existing hot water boiler. Designs for both Ground/Bench and Hydroponic production systems.


AST™ ACTIVE SOLAR THERMAL COLLECTOR/THERMAL TRANSFER PANEL improves the Grower's ability to achieve optimum temperature control of the root zone.  AST™ can automatically transfer thermal energy to and from the root zone by DTC through the selective flow of warm or cold water through AST™ as needed by the plants based upon the Grower's chosen pre-planned program. 

US Growers Qualify for 30% Federal Energy Tax Credit.

Heat...Cool...Grow Better!™

AST™ Collects Heat - It's an Active Solar Thermal Collector in the Greenhouse without blocking sunlight to the plants.

AST™ Stores Heat - Incorporates Water Storage Unit(s).

AST™ Transfers Heat - Directly to and from the root zone by DTC. AST™ provides plants with even temperature distribution as it is the most effective and energy efficient thermal transfer surface for root zone heating and/or root zone cooling.

  Heat...Cool...Grow Better!™